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Digital Strategies for Cultural & Scientific Organisations

Strategies and specific activities to bring organisations into the digital world.

Digital technology has changed what audiences want from cultural and scientific organisations, especially those with collections, in two major ways:


  • People are increasingly demanding digital access to collection information, behind-the-scenes stories and program information.

  • The more the cultural world becomes digitally or virtually accessible, the more people want to see real things.  The hook of the real is as seductive as ever.


Organisations that address these two needs enjoy the double benefit of increasing through-the-door and virtual traffic. 


The impact of digital access to cultural and science collections has also had complex and profound benefits. Collection access has enabled:


  • People to build their own stories. 

  • Researchers to make new discoveries. 

  • Designers and innovators to access the treasure trove of past innovation and design excellence.


The impact of digital is here to stay and will only increase. And the benefits far outweigh the costs.



Bringing cultural and scientific organisations into the digital world


Frank Howarth has had wide experience in bringing the benefits of digital to cultural and science collecting and exhibiting organisations:


  • He was a leader in the beginnings of digitising the plant collections of Australia’s botanic gardens and herbaria.

  • He led museum representatives in creating the national system accessing Australia’s biological collections, the Atlas of Living Australia.

  • And he is currently co-chair of the peak body of Australia’s collecting organisations and leading the push for digital access to collections large and small.


Based on that experience and wide knowledge of all things digital, he can advise on strategies and specific activities around bringing cultural and scientific organisations into the digital world.  


He can help organisations to understand their audience's and (potential) users' needs and develop specific programs.



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